Mandi’s Series: Let’s Talk About

“An empty room is just waiting for the right idea to come along and furnish it with love.”
― Anthony T. Hincks

Mandi’s Series: Let’s Talk About

Commercial Interior Design Trends 2019

While 2017 portrayed a minimalistic approach with primarily grey and greige, 2018 oozed colour and mixed patterns. It takes some time before home trends are seen in commercial spaces. Lately we have seen a move to the maximalist trends of the 80s and a revival of the Art Deco style, giving rise to the new mid-century modernism in furniture.

Through our custom-made orders, we noticed an increase in the use of luxurious textures. Flannel wool and rich velvet bring softness and comfort, making them ideal for office, corporate and hospitality settings. A touch of glamour is then added by detailing table top edges, disc table bases, arm chairs and ottoman kickers with brass, oil-rubbed bronze, rose gold and copper.

“When paired with raw natural timbers, gold, copper and brass have never looked so good”, adds Mandi, Resident Interior Designer of JMH Furniture.

These metallic finishes are predicted to be a major next year. 2019 will be the year of bold statements where fabrics, vinyls and leathers are combined with timber finishes. We expect to see wood panel walls, strong wallpapers, rose gold & copper trims and lighting to add that touch of glamour and elegance.

2019 will also emphasise the use of wallpaper, mirroring its come-back in commercial spaces. Their vibrant and hue saturated colour accents and bold floral patterns on fairly neutral backgrounds are reflected in the custom-made upholstered chairs; seen in exclusive restaurants, clubs and hotels. With the era of digital print, the sky is the limit.

With the broader trend towards creating spaces of calmness, tech-free spaces are bathing in gold patinas, black & bright golden finishes. Night colours, such as deep jade greens, refer strongly to nature. Sustainable & natural fabrics are key trends that will hit the mainstream in upholstered furniture, including throws and cushions to embrace a peaceful retreat from modern life.

While Oak is still very popular, 2019 is about dark wood and rustic timbers. As for colours; we entice pastels in soft blush and mushroom pinks, light greens, lemon yellows, apricot oranges, light neutrals, sage and teal blues; juxtaposed by red, burgundy, ultra violet purple, tan accents and cognac leathers.

“As commercial furniture consultants, we surely embrace these trends as they have opened up a fan of possibilities and exciting furniture creations. Many of our customers have high end clients who want to deliver a trend inspired experience. We assist with these fit-outs from a creative perspective and make and deliver the furniture that will fulfil their challenge”, says Mandi.