Leather Bar Stool

Indulge your customers to a luscious leather bar stool that’s reliable, functional, and stylish. What’s more, our bar stool furniture can endure long use and upholstered with commercial grade fabric.

These leather bar stools have remarkable designs too! Popular leather in black, grey, gold fabrics with metal finish for modern or industrial spaces. Notice the detailed stitching that elevates their look. Our collection of gaming stools also include high quality leather upholstery. You can pair these stools with any interior.

Our commercial grade leather bar stools have heavy duty materials for such occasions. Your customer will enjoy our club stools with premium cushioning for maximum comfort,  ergonomic support and adjustable seat heights.

But you are free to explore different styles as well! Take advantage of our custom fabric selections to fully capture your brand, especially modern and industrial aesthetics.

Our hospitality furniture are perfect for casinos, pubs, arcades and similar venues. Find the gaming stool for every customer here. We deliver in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other Australia sites.

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