Explore our Fameg collection of Bentwood chairs which include the Thonet 18 chair, armchair, bar stool, stool with back, bench seating, stained, and colored designs.

Trust us, you can never go wrong with an original Bentwood chair. A classic chair design that will instantly bring elegance and luxury in your restaurant dining space.

A perfect balance of function and style, this makes the white Bentwood chair a staple in weddings. While the black Bentwood chair will add that final touch of sophistication in any room. Its timber material makes it durable for heavy use making it a popular choice for cafes, bistros, wineries, and other fine-dining hospitality spaces.

Custom-painted Bentwood dining chairs are also on sale. Choose from a wide range of Dulux colors and have your very own Bentwood-18 chair.

This is truly a JMH Wholesale favorite! Request for a quote now and have your furniture delivered anywhere in Australia. You can also set an appointment through our contact form for a showroom visit in our stores in Melbourne or Newcastle.

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